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We utilize the V1 Pro Digital Coaching System.

V1’s system of interactive remote golf lessons are powered by easy-to-use tools
for video swing capture and sharing as well as dynamic functions that allow us to
create detailed video lessons with voice-over instruction and visual feedback.
From home or on the course, you can video and send your swings to us and
receive lessons and drills using the popular
V1 Golf mobile app.

Internet lessons are $10 (INTRODUCTORY OFFER) and can be set-up using
only the V-1 software application on any computer or smart phone. You can
download the free software from the V-1 website (
golf-app/)  or visit your smart phone application store and download the V1 Golf

 Click Logo to Download V1

After we review your video analysis, we will create your personal online locker
which includes a video library of your swings. You will be able to go back and
review your analysis at your convenience on any computer or smart phone
anywhere anytime.

Regardless of where you live, you can still experience online Internet Golf
Lessons at the Claire Batista Golf Academy..

Please purchase the video analysis through PayPal.

Send us 2 short clips of any skill (less than 10 seconds each);  
1.  from down-the-line view
2. from the front/face-on view.  

Our turnaround time typically runs 1-2 business days.

Click here for a simple tutorial on how to send your swing to us for analysis.


iPhone V1 Golf App

1. Login or create a new account.
2. Select Claire Batista Golf Academy.
3. Click the Camera button to film a video, trim video as necessary.
4. From the analysis window, click the V1 Logo, then “Send Video” then “Upload
to Locker”
5. Once upload completes, it is automatically assigned to the instructor selected
in step 2.
6. Video will be listed on the Locker/Uploaded tab in the app.
7. Once analyzed by your instructor, it will be moved to the Locker/Analyzed list
where you may select it for viewing.

Android V1 Golf App

1. Log In.
2. Capture/Import your video.
3. Analyze Video (this needs to be done first in order to get the video into a
format V1 Pro understands).
4. Click MENU, then Upload/Assign.
5. In the Choose an Academy list, select Claire Batista Golf Academy.
6. Wait for the Upload to finish.