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Claire Batista Golf Academy
Claire Batista Golf Academy
Junior Golf Academy
SESSIONS:  We have four sessions of Junior Golf Camp throughout the summer.
Each session is four consecutive days for 2 hours each day.

Session 1        June : 24-27                       12:00 to 2:00
Session 2        July:    8-11                         12:00 to 2:00
Session 3        July:    15-18                       12:00 to 2:00    

Goals and Methods:
The main focus of the Junior Golf Academy is to develop core golfers that will have
pathways to continue to play golf socially or competitively based on each
individuals desire.  Our goal is to teach junior golfers of the various skill levels and
ages the basic elements of golf, while motivating them to play and learn on their
own.  Each level will develop the necessary physical and golf skill to practice,
improve and enjoy the sport of golf.

Each level deals with the content listed below.  The Claire Batista Golf Academy
Junior Golf Academy follows the
PGA Sports Academy curriculum.  We have
three levels which are called
SPORT, PLAYER and CHAMPION.  Each level has
five areas that will help youth learn, develop and practice the skills to become a
better golfer and enjoy the sport of golf.  At the end of each level each participant
will be tested and will receive a score based on their skill level.

1 -
BE A SPORT - Sportsmanship, Etiquette and Rules
2 -
GET FIT - Fitness and Nutrition
3 -
GET SKILLS - Golf Skills
4 -
LETS PLAY - Playing the game
5 -
GOT SKILLS - Assessments - "Can I get to the next level?"

SPORT LEVEL - Ages 5-9
PLAYER LEVEL - Ages 10-13

Eligibility:        Ages 5-15

Cost:                $100.00 for each session

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PGA Sports Academy click here.

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