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Claire Batista Golf Academy
Claire Batista Golf Academy
The Claire Batista Golf Academy Junior Golf Club is designed for the
more serious junior golfer who plays or would like to play competitive golf.  The
Junior Golf Club is for golfers ages 12-18 who are interested in improving their
golf skills and taking their golf game to the next level.  Junior golfers who join the
Junior Golf Club should have experience on the golf course and have an
score of 100 or better for 18 holes.

The Junior Golf Club will meet three times in June, four times in July and three
times in August.  During the sessions, the junior golfer will play several holes with
golf professionals Claire Batista and Beth Snell and will work on course
management.  After play, the junior golfer will receive instruction covering all
aspects of the game.  Video analysis will be used during instruction.  

Other areas that will be covered during the sessions are:
*   Preparing for Tournaments
*   Rules of Golf
*   Golf Etiquette
*   How to Practice

Other benefits of membership in The Junior Golf Club:
*   Free Range Balls
*   Use of practice facilities during the week
*   Merchandise discounts in the pro shop

2019 Dates:  Tuesday mornings from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Membership Fee:
Each Session Attended:      $40.00
Junior Golf Academy
SESSIONS:  We have four sessions of Junior Golf Camp throughout the summer.
Each session is four consecutive days for 2 hours each day.

Session 1        June :18,19,20,21                      1:00 to 3:00
Session 2        June: 25,26,27,28                      1:00 to 3:00
Session 3        July: 16,17,18,19                        1:00 to 3:00    
Session 4        July: 23,24,25,26                        1:00 to 3:00

Goals and Methods:
The main focus of the Junior Golf Academy is to develop core golfers that will have
pathways to continue to play golf socially or competitively based on each
individuals desire.  Our goal is to teach junior golfers of the various skill levels and
ages the basic elements of golf, while motivating them to play and learn on their
own.  Each level will develop the necessary physical and golf skill to practice,
improve and enjoy the sport of golf.

Each level deals with the content listed below.  The Claire Batista Golf Academy
Junior Golf Academy follows the
PGA Sports Academy curriculum.  We have
three levels which are called
SPORT, PLAYER and CHAMPION.  Each level has
five areas that will help youth learn, develop and practice the skills to become a
better golfer and enjoy the sport of golf.  At the end of each level each participant
will be tested and will receive a score based on their skill level.

1 -
BE A SPORT - Sportsmanship, Etiquette and Rules
2 -
GET FIT - Fitness and Nutrition
3 -
GET SKILLS - Golf Skills
4 -
LETS PLAY - Playing the game
5 -
GOT SKILLS - Assessments - "Can I get to the next level?"

SPORT LEVEL - Ages 5-9
PLAYER LEVEL - Ages 10-13

Eligibility:        Ages 5-17

Cost:                $100.00 for each session

To learn more about the
PGA Sports Academy click here.
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SNAG Golf is a great, fun & unique way to introduce golf to juniors.  It is desinged for juniors ages 4-9
to become familiar with the movements and skills necessary to inspire participation and facilitate the
transition to real golf.  After completing this program, juniors often choose to enroll again and/or begin
to apply their newfound SNAG skills toward their continued development of good golf habits at the
driving range and golf course.  
Click on the SNAG logo to learn more about SNAG!
SNAG is taught as a progressive series of four one hour sessions, with
rotating practice stations and culminating with a 4-hole SNAG golf course
play day during the last session.
FEE:  $70.00 per junior

SNAG 1 - June       9:30-11:00
SNAG 2 -  June      9:30-11:00
SNAG 3 - July      9:30-11:00

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