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of clubs.  There are several things we look at when fitting clubs to you.

1. Correct club shaft (correct length, composition and flex).

2. Grip (correct size and composition).

3. Lie Angle on irons (relationship between the shaft and club head. Has an effect on

4. Correct loft (with driver).

At the Claire Batista Golf Academy we use the
Ping and Callaway fitting systems to
custom fit your clubs.  We also fit clubs for
Components Plus if you are interested in
a set of component clubs.

We utilize the TrackMan launch monitor technology during the fittings.  TrackMan is a
Doppler radar based system that tracks the ball down range and provides extremely
accurate numerical information about your shots. This information combined with your
feedback will allow us to find the best products for your game.

Iron Fitting Fee: $65.00

Woods Fitting Fee:  $65.00

Full Bag Fee: $80.00

$65.00 for irons or woods.
$80.00 for full bag.
$45.00 of fitting fee will go toward the purchase of yours clubs if purchased through us.

Call the
Claire Batista Golf Academy to schedule a club fitting appointment.